How I Earned My First 500 Twitter Followers In 33 Days

Without a celebrity status, how can one get 500 followers in a month? I know what you’re thinking. The answer is No. I didn’t buy any followers nor tried any black hat techniques. I simply practiced all the Twitter tips and tricks that are available in the world wide web. There are a lot out there, but I’ll be sharing what worked for me.

I’m a late Twitter bloomer. I’m more of the Facebook and Instagram kind of girl. But when I attended a local SEO Summit last June 21, I was ‘forced’ to create one to fill out the info needed for our business cards. So I mindlessly created an account, asked my husband for a name suggestion and @MarketingCath was born.

Jason Acidre was one of the speakers and his From Zero to Hero presentation piqued my interest. He talked a lot about the importance of building your brand online. Since I’ve always been fascinated with Social Media, I decided to put my learnings to test. What better way than to start it with my brand new Twitter account?


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In this post, I’ll share 6 tweeting techniques that helped me create a quality follower base while building my personal brand online.  

#1 Establish A Goal

My goal was to use Twitter to learn more about social media, content, and search marketing. I wanted to create real life case studies based from the best practices I read about. Twitter became my learning ground. I followed thought leaders — from successful entrepreneurs all the way to the who’s who on Internet Marketing. I read hundreds of bios — to be sure I was following people with common interests. These are the influencers I’d like to learn from and engage with. Following aimlessly will get you nowhere. Know your goal, spend your Twitter time wisely. 

#2 Take Your Bio Seriously

I stumbled upon Neil Patel’s article on the key ingredients of a powerful bio. He first presented the challenges of making one, cited some great examples, and gave the lowdown on making a compelling bio.

Your online reputation is your reputation. And it better be good.

If you want people to follow you, you have to look like you’re not a bot with an egg as profile pic. Your bio should be accurate, intriguing, targeted and connected to your website, blog or work. If you can be wittingly fun, that’s going to be a huge plus. I’m not good at cracking jokes, so I sticked to what I am and what I’m passionate about. Don’t miss adding in a good head shot and cover photo. It makes your account more human. As our Managing Editor once said, a true marketer will never be shy to talk about himself.  Maximize  your real estate. Brag about who you are!

Twitter Bio

#3 Bring Value To The Twittersphere

As much as I wanted to learn from what people share, I also made sure I was providing valuable content…consistently. I utilized tools such as Klout and Buffer to find relevant marketing articles and  breaking news. They also make it easy for you to plan and schedule your tweets. Plus I had Search Engine Journal as my go-to resource for search marketing related topics. By actively sharing, you get higher chances of getting interaction from your followers. Don’t just lurk. Be social and share!

#4 Expand Your Reach

One, if not my most important Twitter discovery, is using a hashtag. I used to share content consistently but didn’t get any traction at all. Then I added #socialmedia or #productivity in the end and almost instantly, I got favorites from people outside my circle. According to Social Media Examiner, hashtags double your engagement rate. Unfortunately, only 24% use them. Hashtags make your content searchable. Aside from engagement, I gained new followers too. Just a word of caution, don’t overuse it. Two hashtags per tweet is considered acceptable. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag.

#5 Join A Chat Community

I’ve heard about Twitter chats and always wanted to participate in one. For the first two weeks, I didn’t find any on my newsfeed. Perhaps due to my timezone. But one early morning, I saw someone with #socialchat on her tweet. I clicked and got introduced to a tight community of Twitter chatters. I got hooked. I find it fulfilling to be able to contribute to the conversation and exchange ideas with others. What I love most is when a chat guests a resource person from the industry, brings the whole learning experience to the next level. You have direct access to respond or ask them a question and most of them would really take the time to interact with you.  You also meet new friends who share the same interest with you allowing you to gain new followers too. You can checkout this list of Twitter Chats as compiled by Brian Fanzo. My personal favorites are #AtomicChat, #SocialChat, #BrandChat, #GetRealChat, #Mobile Chat, #MediaChat, #LinkedInChat and #BufferChat. Twitter is full of communities. Take part. It’s what keeps me coming back.

#6 Engage With Your Followers

As Greg Weiss, VP Social Media at Mastercard, nicely puts it:

Twitter without engagement is nothing.

Retweet articles that you agree with, thank people who follow you back, reply to @mentions, hit that star button to favorite articles that interest you. These people are reaching out to you, be sure to acknowledge and interact. Go ahead and reply, retweet and @mention influencers.


You can’t rely on  the old Twitter tradition of automatic follow backs to grow your following. Find your purpose on Twitter, talk about your passion, and more importantly engage. Unfortunately, my circle of friends is not active on Twitter. But after doing the above techniques, I grew my follower base and even got some people I admire to follow me back.

To end, I realized that Twitter is not a numbers game. The quality of your followers and level of engagement will always precede quantity. Make meaningful conversations. This will help you establish a compelling Twitter presence in a short span of time.

Got a Twitter technique that helped you grow your following? Share them in the comments section below.