Hello! I’m Catherine. Thanks for stopping by :)

I’ve bCatherine Quiambaoeen in the marketing biz since 2003. A big chunk of it, I spent doing brand management in local and multinational FMCGs in the Philippines. I’ve handled different categories including personal care, home care and pharmaceuticals. My eight years in the corporate world trained me to be consumer-focused, to think out of the box, and find creative ways to stretch our A&P budgets!


In the last two years, I’ve ventured into freelancing and established my career in digital marketing. You can check out my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.


I cringe whenever I read about growth hackers “bad-mouthing” conventional marketers! Though tri-media advertising is almost non-existent in the digital space, brand building remains the core of every business, service or product. I aim to prove that the two should not be on opposite ends, but MUST work hand in hand.

I started this blog to write about my thoughts on:

  • Brand Marketing in the digital age
  • Social Media tips and tricks
  • Content Marketing best practices
  • Case studies and outcomes of personal experiments

I am working on getting more certifications. Currently, I am:

Hootsuite Certified Professional


Would love to hear your experiences too so feel free to drop a note.

Look forward to connecting with you!

Catherine Q.