How I Earned My First 500 Twitter Followers In 33 Days

Without a celebrity status, how can one get 500 followers in a month? I know what you’re thinking. The answer is No. I didn’t buy any followers nor tried any black hat techniques. I simply practiced all the Twitter tips and tricks that are available in the world wide web. There are a lot out there, but I’ll be sharing what worked for me.

I’m a late Twitter bloomer. I’m more of the Facebook and Instagram kind of girl. But when I attended a local SEO Summit last June 21, I was ‘forced’ to create one to fill out the info needed for our business cards. So I mindlessly created an account, asked my husband for a name suggestion and @MarketingCath was born.

Jason Acidre was one of the speakers and his From Zero to Hero presentation piqued my interest. He talked a lot about the importance of building your brand online. Since I’ve always been fascinated with Social Media, I decided to put my learnings to test. What better way than to start it with my brand new Twitter account?


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