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Hi, I'm Digital Branding Specialist

While I’ve worked with dozens of companies in many kinds of industries, at my heart I’m a storyteller who simply brings out the core features of the brands I work with. I aim for honesty and transparency in my work, and rely on strong products and services to shine.

Chethan Gowda


Why you should build your brand in the first place?

The goal with creating a social company brand is to be referred, recommended, and remembered. 

Branding helps to:

Generate free publicity and visibility

Expand influence

Build organizational credibility and trust

Humanize your organization

Increase engagement levels

Create halo effect (which works both ways)

A company’s brand:

Your company currently has a brand⁠–it’s in the minds of others.  

  1. The unique PROMISE of value your
    company brings

  2. The way you convey your company and promise to others—PRESENTATION

  3. Your company’s professional REPUTATION